Tea Party

 The following Q&A session should answer most of your initial questions.


Q: What is a Tea Party?

A: It's a party that you host to earn addition income or to support a School or Charity.


Q: What can I sell?

A: You can sell any of our products listed on this web site.


Q: Where do I sell them?

A: In short, where ever you like. You can run a pop up store, a market, a boot sale, or host a party at your home or office.


Q: Can I sell MY ORGANIC TEA products online?

A: Yes, in fact you could even build your own 'online store' using Shopify, its easy and costs practically nothing to set up.


Q: How do I get the stock required to host my Tea Party?

A:  After you have been qualified, you will be given access to our online wholesale portal, you can order and pay for your stock online and it will be delivered to you.


Q: Do I need to pay for the stock up front?

A: Yes, you will need to pay for your stock up front, however you will be able to return unused items for a full credit. You will have to pay the return freight.


Q: What should I do if I run out of stock at the party?

A: This is a good problem to have, simply take orders and we will rush the order to you as soon as you submit it.


Q: How will I be trained in these products?

A: There is a Master Class on the site which you can peruse. There is also information on each product. Cherri Davis is also available to answer any of your questions?


Q: How much can I make?

A: How long is a piece of string, the opportunities are endless. We suggest holding a small gathering at first and see how you go.  You should expect to clear around $30 per person on average. This depends on how good you are. The margins are very attractive.


Q: Can anyone host a party?

A: We would need to be comfortable with your integrity, professionalism etc. Not everyone will be granted the opportunity. There will not be more than one person appointed in the same geographical area.


Q: If I wanted to hold a CHARITY Tea Party, do I have to pay up front?

A: Each case would be assessed, however, we are here to help. We will be able to work something out.

Q: When can I get going?

A: As soon as you are qualified, you will receive an invite to the wholesale website. We will create a brochure for you and an email advert, the rest is up to you.


Q: Are the people behind this project ethical?

A: 100%. They own Fredericks Fine Grocer. www.fredericks.melbourne. That is where it all started and where the product has been tested. That is where sales have been proven.


Q: What have I got to lose?

A: Not a lot.


Q: Can I talk to someone on the phone?

A: Ring the founder of the company direct.
















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